Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday, or even better, are still celebrating! John and I just returned to Boston after a fun trip to Sanibel Island to be with his family for Christmas, with a quick layover in DC on our way home to ring in the New Year with some of our best friends and family.

I'm trilled to write to you today from my new studio space!  I'll write a much longer post after I decorate more, but in the meantime this is just a quick snapshot I took from my desk today. I share the space with a graphic designer, and I'm thanking the design gods every day for giving me a studiomate with fabulous taste. She found the cabinet in the photo on Craigslist and painted it black...I think it looks great! You'll recognize almost everything else from our DC home, which I was more than happy to liberate from storage to use here.
I moved furniture in just before the holidays, but this is my first full day here. I must admit...working from home proved pretty difficult for me. I have a loads of admiration for people who can do it successfully. My main problem is that I can be a perfectionist (a kind word...neurotic is more like it) when it comes to my personal space. Here's a somewhat typical day: I sit down, work dilligently for a few hours, but then I notice the rug is uneven. It's all downhill from there. I need to move the furniture off of the rug to adjust it.  While I'm at it, I might as well rearrange the whole living room. Damn, it's 5 o'clock already? The living room looks like a bomb went off and I'm still in my pajamas.

Not good.

So I'm hoping that having this new space will have a positive impact on my concentration and productivity. I'm also looking forward to getting into more of a routine, using the 20 minute walk to and from the studio each day to clear my mind. Basically this new studio is the launching point for a thousand new years resolutions, which I'm purposefully not identifying as such...trying some reverse psychology on myself this year, as I can never seem to keep my resolutions!

This winter was my 9th year visiting John's family Sanibel, and I find that I fall more in love with the natural beauty of the place each year. Sanibel is bursting with wildlife...dolphins, sea turtles, the best shells, and this year we even saw two bobcats (yikes!)

The bobcats were cool, but our nephew took the cake for the best addition to our Christmas festivities. Having a baby around is the bee's knees and made each day exponentially better. I am so in love with this kid, it's crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if our future children blame their cousin for setting the awesome bar so high.

The other greatest thing about Florida? Fresh OJ. I seriously can't get enough. I asked a store if they would ship it to me and it would have been about $20 for a quart. For a moment I considered it. But instead I just drank enough while I was there to prevent me from ever getting a cold in 2015.
A Christmas morning breakfast loaded with citrus!
Sanibel's beauty is mezmorizing...I could have instagrammed a million things every day but I'm trying to work on being more in the moment. Although looking back, I'm so grateful for the few photos I did sneak in...I think it's important to give my memory a little assistance now and then...

Hope to see you back here soon!

xo, Christine