Sunday, November 30, 2014


John and I celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents' house in upstate New York this year. We arrived just as the snow stopped falling, which made for quite the stunning welcome! We pulled the car over along the way and got out to take these photos (or at least I did... John kindly kept watch to make sure I didn't get hit by a car.) With so much snow on the ground I kept forgetting which holiday we were there for. I knew the stores were pushing it, but now even nature seems to insist on merging Thanksgiving with Christmas!
The following day we made a quick trip to New York City where I met up with my besties Pat and Daniel, who so thoughtfully planned a design-centric day for us. After a tasty brunch at The Gander in the Flatiron district we ventured a few doors down to the new homenature store...

Unintentionally captured this little girl who shows us how neutral rooms can benefit from a bright pop of color!

We were given a tour of the store by the wonderful Clayton. These poor men... I sounded like rain man, repeating over and over, "This is me as a store. If I could be a store, I would definitely be this store. Definitely this store." I could have spent hours there, drooling over their mid-century cabinets, Tibetan lamb wool butterfly chairs, and belgian linen covered sofas. We eventually managed to leave this oasis, but the whole rest of the day I found myself flipping through the few photos I managed to take on my phone (am I the only one who keeps running out of storage space at the worst possible times!?)  

I fell so hard for this bench.
Clayton showing us the most incredible Annie Leibovitz coffee table book
After homenature, we headed uptown to the Holiday House NYC. This was my first time ever visiting a design show house and it did not disappoint, especially because I was there with the best company:
Proceeds from the Holiday House NYC benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All of the designers worked so hard on their oftentimes incredibly elaborate rooms! For me the biggest surprise was getting to meet many of them, who were eager to talk about their rooms and the thought process behind them. Such abundant creativity! "Oh, these custom 10 ft. high knotted-rope romans? Just whipped them up." You could just as easily walk away from the house feeling incredibly inadequate as insanely inspired...luckily I'm feeling the latter!  
One of my favorite rooms in the house by Matthew Patrick Smyth

Magnolia leaves...lilies...great architecture. Perfection.

A detail shot of another favorite room by Pamela Banker Associates
We ended our day with a stroll down 5th Avenue to The Holiday Workshop at the St. Regis, curated by Bronson Van Wyck. What a magical room! Being in it for 15 minutes put me securely in the holiday spirit.
Great food, great friends, great design...I'm wrapping up this weekend feeling so, so grateful.

Xo, Christine