Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue Ivy

I'm excited to share some recent photos of our bedroom with you today! Earlier this fall I posted photos of the antique blue delft tile fireplace in our bedroom that was the number one reason (for me at least!) we rented this apartment. It's since become my design muse! I must admit that I usually shy away from color and stick to a fairly strict palette of black, white, beige, brown, and green. But I'm enamoured with our blue fireplace surround which to me recalls Rebecca de Ravenel's stunning New York Apartment, featured in Vogue last year, and pinned dozens of times by yours truly. Hello, blue!
Love the Sister Parish Burmese fabric on the of my all time favorites!

This summer, with the blue and white fireplace on our minds, John and I bought a very special piece from our incredibly talented friend, painter Ellen Llewellyn. For a while I had it resting on the mantle but then I realized that there was too much competition going on, and I had to spread the beauty around a little bit. I moved the painting to the wall perpendicular to the fireplace and magic happened. When our bedroom door is open, you can look through a hallway from our living room and see the painting. We get to enjoy the sight of it from two separate spaces.
I love the way this antique lamp relates to the fireplace surround.
Although the fireplace makes the bedroom basically perfect in my mind, my one complaint about this space would be that the architects of our building in eighteen ?? clearly did not foresee future tenants' need for ample closet space. They equipped the bedroom with what is basically a broom closet that might be suitable for a monk, but not for this girl, and certainly not for this girl to share with her husband! But again, that fireplace! So who cares?  To disguise the piles upon piles of sweaters, long underwear, and other survival gear that I'm quickly accumulating in order to make it through my first Boston winter, we simply needed to invest in some storage pieces. We seriously lucked out when John's dad decided to part ways with this beautifully crafted antique highboy. Then we found this very simple and attractive dresser at West Elm, and an extra long 18" bedskirt to hide boxes under our bed. So far, so good. Because of all this additional storage, sharing a broom closet hasn't put the wedge in our relationship that I for a moment feared it would!
Art above bed was a fun score at the SOWA market, and the pillow is by the fabulous Jill Rosenwald
I can't help more photo of that handsome highboy. The lamp is from Schoolhouse Electric, and the beautiful Swedish ivy was a gift from some wonderful clients in DC. It's doing so well here!

And here's one of the room overall. I still have lots to do...window treatment, a round mirror behind the tallboy, maybe a small ottoman for underneath the window, reupholster the headboard, install sconces above the headboard...the list goes on! But at least it's at the point where I feel comfortable sharing photos of it on the internet. Progress!
Ok, so by now you've probably realized that this post actually isn't about Beyonce's kid, and I admit the title was a bit of a ploy to lure you in. (In my defense, I did write about the color blue and I did write about ivy...) But I don't want you to feel betrayed...I really do want you to come back and read again! Just so we part ways on a good note, I'm leaving you with a super cute Blue Ivy photo from the event that actually did break the internet last week...

xo, Christine