Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's Shakin'?

It's been a while since I shared updates on our apartment (or anything for that matter...yikes! sorry!)  Things are steadily coming together, and I like that the space is starting to feel very "Boston," with a twist. The landlord did a major paint job with oil-based paint before we moved in, and we just finally reached the point where you walk through the front door after being away for a while and it smells like us instead of paint fumes (aka, the result of cooking for two months with abundant amounts of butter and garlic!)

Starting with my best foot forward...I'm happy with how this little corner of the living room is coming together, full of antiques from John's family...a Shaker chair from his grandmother, a painting of his great-grandfather's resting hands, an antique Japanese tansu, and clam shells. (Shakers...reminds me there is a fascinating article in this month's Down East about the last remaining Shaker community in the country, which is in Maine and only has three people left. Read it, but don't forget to come back here afterwards!)  I'm working on finding a jaw dropping fabric for a lumbar pillow for the Shaker chair (I'm hoping it will put the shake in Shaker...a twist in this otherwise very traditional vignette) and then I think I'll be finished with this part of the room! 

We originally were only going to bring a few boxes of books with us to Boston and leave the rest in storage, but after just a couple weeks here we decided we really missed our books! We weren't ready to commit even to Elfa shelves again, so luckily I found the perfect parsons style bookcases at Target. It worked out that two of them sit perfectly flush together in the nooks flanking the fireplace. Done and done! 

In another corner of the living room I'm working on a bar situation. We've had this wonderful West Elm tray stand for years now, but I've found my eyes straying to other bar carts. I'd like another shelf underneath to store mixers and some glasses. But for now this works fine! 

Speaking of West Elm, we just installed this fantastic Rubicon Jute Rug from West Elm. It's playful and neutral and was just what the doctor ordered in this room. I'm still searching for the right coffee table so am not ready to pull back on this shot and show you the whole living room quite yet. I've been thinking of squeezing the trigger on this table for a while, but can't quite commit. What do you think? 

In the bedroom, I keep going back and forth on how the mantel should look. Right now I have one of my grandmother's paintings displayed, but I think I may switch it out for a smaller painting and more knick knacks. The mantel is just at eye level, across from the bed, so I like the idea of displaying some of my favorite small, foraged things--feathers, rocks, keys, tiny vases. I'm very inspired by these two mantels:
Left: Via; Right: Via
Or maybe a monochromatic collection of green objects? So many possibilities...but that's the great thing about easy to change!  

xo, Christine