Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

I've spent a few sweltering summers in Washington, DC with zero vacation days left, landlocked (the Potomac doesn't count) behind a cubicle, living vicariously through Facebook photos posted by friends whose summer vacations involved any combination of sand, water, boats, cabins, ice cream cones, trashy novels, passports, and lots of day drinking. John and I maneuvered our schedules a year in advance to give us some serious time on an island in Maine this summer. Knowing what it feels like to be the girl stuck in an empty office in August with her teeth chattering, cursing the air conditioning because she's still soaked to the bone from sweating through her shirt in the 5 minute walk from her house to the bus that morning, I was conscious not to post too many cool, breezy Maine photos on my Instagram account this summer. Obviously the guilt didn't stop me because I still posted a bunch, but I definitely had some internal dialogues like "hmm, maybe I don't need to post another blue sky photo, or this selfie of me housing a lobster roll on a boat #toomuchbutter #maineproblems? "

But now that summer is winding down and everyone has moved on to apple picking and pumpkin spiced lattes, I hope I'm safe to share some photos I took this summer in Maine without seeming too obnoxious. Really not much interior design in these photos, but I do find lots of inspiration outdoors, and hope you enjoy these little collages of Maine eye candy:

(Clockwise from left) Flowers, fruits and vegetables picked from the garden where we house-sat. An island in the Penobscot Bay. Dahlias from my in-laws garden.

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Such dramatic tides! 

 The photo on the left was taken the night that I slept outside, overnight, on the ground, and ate food cooked on a fire. There were bugs. Big ones. But I did it...I camped for the first time in my life. And I think foggy days in Maine are the most beautiful. 
Maine gardens are magical. That ocean air! 

Obligatory sailboat pics ;-)  

Now that we live in Boston, Maine is just a two hour drive away. Fall foliage, here I come...