Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Amalfi Coast

John and I had the amazing fortune of vacationing for three days on the Amalfi Coast leading up to our friends' June wedding in Rome! We spent one night in Positano, and then met up in Ravello for two nights with friends who were also attending the wedding. The combination of great friends and a stunning location made it one of the most memorable legs of of our three-week long trip. 

View from the courtyard of the Palazzo Murat in Positano
An hour from Naples and in the shadows of Mt. Vesuvious, the Amalfi Coast is a treasure trove of small towns made up of colorful buildings nestled into hillsides that overlook the Mediterranean. The water views are only rivaled by the vistas of the towns themselves, built into the steep cliffs like tetris pieces. Truly spectacular!

Palazzo Murat
I could go on and on about the beauty of this place, it's food (the cheeses!), and it's people (beyond friendly!) but I think I'm going to let the photos speak instead. I'll just say, the Amalfi Coast was one of the most stunning locations I've ever been, and I can't believe I was lucky enough to visit. I experienced three of the most luxurious days of my life there, and will dream about this magical place for years to come. There are 13 villages along the Amalfi Coast, and we only visited two, so I hope to return someday to see the rest! Please have a look, if you'd like:
Pool at the Palazzo Murat

At Palazzo Murat-my first time ever seeing one of these Dr. Seuss-like trees, which I think is a white floss silk? 

An amazingly refreshing iced Limoncello cocktail. Lemon groves line the steep hillsides of the Amalfi Coast, so lemon is all over every menu. The smell of the lemon groves is intoxicating! 

Sunset in Positano. No filter! Such great light 

Departing Positano by ferry to Amalfi 

View from the winding road from Amalfi up to Ravello 

This was breakfast at our hotel in Ravello. The fresh-squeezed juices, mozzarella, and cappuccino...take me back!!
Stunning entrance to the Palazzo Avino
Walking around the town of Ravello with John-doesn't he match the scenery perfectly? ;-)  
The Duomo, in the main village square
Palazzo Avino's Beach Club on the Mediterranean,  a 15 minute ride down the hill from the hotel 
Inside the Palazzo Avino 
Looking down at the Mediterranean from the Palazzo Avino 

Next up, Pompeii and Rome!