Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Have you heard about If you haven't, I must warn you... make sure you have a few hours to kill before you click on the link...if you're anything like me, you're likely to get sucked in for a while. It's basically Pandora for art. It suggests artwork you might enjoy based on other works you've liked.  Artsy partners with museums and galleries worldwide to make hundreds of thousands of works available for study and some for purchase. You can set a price point, medium, color and/or size and browse thousands of works of art for sale though galleries around the world via Artsy. Artsy's mission is "to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection." How exciting is that!?

I started using Artsy to browse artwork for clients recently and stumbled upon the work of the painter Hiro Yokose. His work has the gorgeous luminescence of Hudson Valley School painters, paired down to a striking minimalism. He paints horizons with oils and beeswax and they are simply dreamy. Have a look:

VIA Untitled 5294, 2013, Oil on Board, 26x 36 inches 


I want to design a living room with a Hiro Yokose painting above the mantle so badly! His paintings have the effect of adding another window. I did a little googling, and it turns out I'm not the first decorator to have this thought...
In Traditional Home magazine VIA 

VIA Left Image Luxe: Magazine, Summer 2009; Right Image: Elle Decor 
Aren't they stunning? There's a small Hiro Yokose painting for sale that costs what some girls might spend on a really (really) nice handbag. Someone may or may not be selfishly withholding the link to this beautiful painting while she saves up her pennies ;-)