Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing too Precious

For the purpose of something that I'm very excited to share with you (soon, hopefully!) I recently had to think about what specifically I love most about our home. A few things popped into my head immediately: I love that our home is great for entertaining friends and family...I love our plants and taking care of them...I love how bright it is...I love that we can sit outside with a glass of wine and watch the city buzz by. But when I really thought long and hard about it, I realized that the thing I love the most about it is that we're surrounded by many items that came from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond. And we use them all the time. 

We have a good number of old and sentimental things in our home, but we really don't treat any as too precious. There's not a single item that can't be picked up, or a seat that's not meant to be sat in. A good example: we use my grandmother's china every day. China (although not bone china, which is very thin!) is much more durable than you think. We put ours in the dishwasher and it holds up fine. Using it each day reminds me of my grandmother who was the absolute best. Thinking about her always makes me smile. I know she would be ecstatic to know that I get so much pleasure out of using her beautifully patterned pieces everyday. I also know she would not be upset at all if we broke a plate, and would be totally cool with me going to to buy a new one.

Probably my favorite part of the collection are these little 3 inch wide "butter pats," so that each person at the table can have their own butter. To my fellow butter-lovers out there, I have to ask, why don't we see these little butter pats in restaurants more often!? How embarrassing it it to keep asking, "can you please pass the butter?" over and over again? Problem solved! Except when your personal stash runs out, which would inevitably happen to me... :-/
I love seeing my grandmother's china in our glass-paneled cabinets. Which reminds me, I've been contemplating wallpapering the back of these cupboards. I'm thinking something like this, but not sure I could sell John on the idea. Do you think it could work? 

My final question! Do you keep family heirlooms or nice wedding gifts tucked away for holidays and special occasions? If your answer is yes, why not pull them out and use them this weekend? Elevate Friday night pizza with lovely china or those silver candlesticks you have. Life is too short--make today your special occasion!