Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Fresh Start

There's nothing I love more than sitting around a Christmas tree, and this year's tree was a particularly good one, so we procrastinated on taking it down until last week. Getting it down before February is still a small victory in my book, so I think this means good things for productivity in 2014.

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We packed the ornaments up, took the tree out to the trash (always so sad!) and removed all of the festive knick-knacks from our mantle. I usually love how fresh and clean everything looks after Christmas decorations come down, but this year I kept thinking that the mantle looked too bare...

So I decided to move things around a bit to see if I could come up with something better. I added a bunch of personal photos which are so lovely to look at, but I'm wondering if it looks too cluttered? The photo on the right is how it is right now. I'm going to leave it like this for another week or so to see if it just takes some getting used to. 

Here's another shot of what it looked like before (sorry so blurry-its an old image from my phone.)  I'm kind of learning towards moving the photos to a gallery wall to keep the mantle simple like it was before. What do you think? I'd love to hear which version you prefer (or if you have a recommendation for something diffferent!)