Monday, December 16, 2013

Where Should the TV Go?

This is one of the most frequent questions that clients ask me, and one that I've debated myself many times. I'm generally pretty against TVs taking center stage anywhere, mostly because I think they're big ugly eyesores. I also think it's nice to have at least one common space in a home for reading and conversation where TV isn't a distraction. While we don't have a television in our living room for these reasons, we do have one in our bedroom, which I know some people are really against. But so far so good! 

The thing I miss the most about not having a big TV screen in our living room is the opportunity to watch movies with friends. Huddling around a laptop just doesn't cut it.  Our friend Adam solved this  problem last month when he borrowed a projector and we all ate homemade pizza and screened the movie Casablanca in our living room. It was fantastic.  I'm definitely adding a projector to my Christmas list this year. This looks like a pretty great option for just over $200.00.

But if you definitely need to keep your TV, there are some pretty clever ideas out there that people have come up with to hide them when they're not in use. This one from Blue Egg Brown Nest is brilliant. Oftentimes above a fireplace is the only place in a room that can fit a large TV, so I think these little frame shutters are a really interesting way to keep your TV above your mantle but still have it look sophisticated.
An armoire is a pretty obvious but great way to disguise a TV, with the added bonus of some additional storage. Here are some good looking options I've found:

1. Maison Armoire, Restoration Hardware, $1,995.00 
2. Calvin Armoire, Room and Board, $1,999.00
3. Gustavian Armoire, 1st Dibs, $8,700 (this is obviously insanely expensive, but just to give you an idea of how great an antique piece could be. Very easy to install a shelf to hold your tv. Check your local Craig's List!)  
4. Paneled Armoire, West Elm, $999.00 
5. Neiman Marcus Rosewood Entertainment Center, $3,359.00 (unfortunately I don't think this is still available!)
6. Oly Studio-Robert Entertainment-Center, Layla Grace, $6,475.00 (yikes...I'd love to see someone diy this one!) 

Another less expensive option that I really love is to just disguise your TV in plain sight with a gallery wall.  I did this in our basement, and the TV sort of just fades away. 

If you're looking for an attractive, yet inexpensive TV stand, I recommend the Ikea PS Cabinet. For $99 you can't go wrong. 

I absolutely love how two of these cabinets look side by side:
Via: The Design Files  
Here are a few inspiration images of TV gallery walls:
Via: Emily Henderson living room makeover for Cup of Jo 

What do you think? Have you figured out another way to disguise a TV? I'd love to hear in the comments below!