Monday, November 4, 2013

What a Comforting Weekend.

This weekend was pure comfort in every sense of the word… long talks with friends, popping into stores full of tweed and corduroy, buttery food, and a dog so spectacular I almost kidnapped it. I’ve been working on this website for several months, and was scared out of my mind to show it to anyone. The enthusiastic responses I received from family and friends upon its debut this weekend were the most gratifying comfort ever. Even if you were lying through your teeth when you told me you liked it, thank you (and nicely done! Very convincing.) I’m extremely appreciative of any and all positive reinforcement.

Here are some scenes from this past weekend, by number:

1. While enjoying the last few evenings outdoors with extra daylight before turning the clocks back on Sunday morning, we were treated to some truly spectacular sunsets. Science explains why sunsets are indeed most vivid in the autumn. 

2. Our friends Molly and Adam are staying with us for a few weeks before they move to France for a year (I mentioned in this post, they’re the California friends who really influenced my career change.) They’re both incredible cooks (among many other things) who’ve been confined to a galley kitchen on the sailboat they lived on the past 2 ½ years. They’ve been spoiling us rotten with their delicious recipes, citing the joy of cooking in a normal-sized kitchen. They made mouth-watering french onion soup on Friday night from this recipe. I’ll probably steal their passports so they can’t leave…just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

3. John recently used this book to perfect the art of the roast chicken. There may or may not be an entire package of Boursin cheese in the potatoes. The greens beans are just there for show.

4. Finally checked out the Billy Reid store on M Street in Georgetown with some fabulous friends last night and went crazy for the interiors…French chandeliers, oriental rugs, vintage portraits, painted brick walls (don’t ever be afraid to paint a brick wall white!) and magnolia branches…perfection.

5 & 6. This little English Setter shop-dog stole our hearts at a hunting store in Frederick, MD. I get choked up just thinking about him. Photo 6 is the very moment in which he said “take me with you, Christine and John. I’m the kindest, most gentle dog of life, and I match the color scheme of your house perfectly.”  

7. Sauce for Adam’s famous chicken picatta. If I can’t steal the passports before they leave, I’ll at least get the picatta recipe.