Friday, November 15, 2013

Start Stocking Up On Butter: A Week in Photos

Did you have a nice week? Mine flew by so fast I can barely remember what happened. Here's what my phone tells me I did this week:

On Tuesday I prepped a little for an upcoming Thanksgiving post. John cooked his famous roast chicken and it was his best yet. I'm hoping to share the recipe with you next week, which gives you the weekend to start stocking up on butter.

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I did a little scouting for clients at West Elm and loved these celedon vases. If I go through with my office makeover, one or two of these might make the cut. On Sunday morning we cooked the BIG pancake. Perhaps I'll share that recipe next week too, in which case, you should probably go to Costco and get the giant tub of butter this weekend if you envision yourself making both this and the roast chicken.  

Someone brought this bottle of wine to girl's wine night this week (girl's wine night = best idea ever.) I love the label so much, I would buy it even if it tasted like crap. I can't tell you if it does or not because I didn't get to taste it. But I'll probably still buy a case of it for our holiday party just because it matches my color scheme. (If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I'm not joking!) The wine bottle is a perfect companion to this Farrow and Ball's Bumblebee wallpaper, which I spotted at the DC design center this week. My wheels are turning...

Speaking of wheels, we traded in our beloved Subaru last weekend. I can't believe how emotional I became when we turned it in! "Yeesh, keep it together, Christine," you're saying. But here's the deal: John got it in high school, and he drove it when we first met at college in New York. We've clocked thousands and thousands of miles together in the old subs',  all up and down the east coast during years of long distance. I drove it while John was deployed (both times) and we hauled it up to Maine from the military base in North Carolina to get married. We even found it endearing to discover that we both separately figured out that when it started to make a weird vibrating sound, there was one perfect spot you could punch on the dashboard to make it stop. If the new car gives us half as many memories, and half as many miles, we'll be very lucky. 

This photo isn't recent (I wish!) but a Friday flashback to a night this past summer on our roof. This week we cut back all of the plants, and brought the succulents and warmer climate plants inside for the winter. It looks so baron now. But I'm already scheming a makeover for the spring that involves some new paint, more vibrant colors, and a jacuzzi. Just kidding about the jacuzzi, but wouldn't that be fun? ;-) 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo 

P.S. If you haven't already, please consider donating to typhoon relief for the Philippines.