Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Power in Numbers

I love the visual impact of a good collection. Veteran's Day yesterday had me thinking about military campaign furniture (which will be another post soon!) when I was reminded of Fort Clinch, a 19th century fort that John and I visited in 2009 in Amelia Island, Florida.* I was really inspired by the collections of antique tools and supplies that were on display. I think they could translate easily into interiors:

*Disclosure: I promise I also spent a good part of yesterday thinking about the men and women who serve and have served and thank them enormously!

Multiple chandeliers: I love this look. You could create a similar effect in your home by hanging two  lights side by side above a dining table or kitchen island. Also, there's that fabulous whitewash brick again. Everything around it pops!

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Antique rope: There are so many great DIY rope projects out there. This, this, and this have been on my to-do list for a while. This is an interesting way to display rope if you procrastinate like I do.

Shovels: These may be a little intense for indoors. However, my mother-in-law collects small hand shovels and has them hanging above a doorway. They look really great. I will try to find a photo of them to add to this post.

Tools: such beautiful forms, hanging from nails on a simple wood railing. 

Photo by Caty Smith 
Picture frames: Probably a more reasonable collection for most people, black and white frames against a stark white wall (I used Benjamin Moore's CC-20 or "decorators white" here, and again, the frames pop.)

I'm by no means advocating this unsafe way to display antique rifles. I took this photo at a shop in Upperville, VA, and I think it's beautiful and reinforces my belief in the visual power of repetition. 

What do you collect? Or what would you like to collect? I'd love to hear your thoughts!