Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Garden Recap

If you're one of the twelve people who follow me on Instagram you know that I’m just a little bit infatuated with our garden. I’ve randomly convinced myself that if I can keep at least a few plants from dying before November, it will mean that I’m responsible enough to take care of a dog (which I really want right now more than anything). Things look promising, but I know nature can be fickle so I’m not getting cocky. Here's a peek at what's been happening the past several months: 
Spring: Hyacinth, Red Twig Dogwood, Mesclun Greens
Summer: Red Twig Dogwood, Ornamental Grasses, Licorice,  Succulent Varieties, Strawberries, Lobelia Flower, and Lavender
Fall: Strawberry vine, Grasses and Sweet Potato Vine