Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blah blah blah: A Post About Dahlias

I was introduced to dahlias the summer before John and I were married. My mother-in-law has an amazing garden in Maine that includes a wide variety of these jaw-dropping flowers. During one of our wedding planning weekends, she laid out this little arrangement (like it was nothing!) and suggested that we try growing all of our own flowers for the wedding. I said in an earlier post that I married into a family of designers... I forgot to mention that they're on par with Martha and make it look effortless.

Because people in Maine tend to have lots of land and are so damn nice they’re willing to lend it to you to plant on, we didn’t have to purchase any flowers for our wedding. The best part (aside from actually seeing these beauties in bloom) was picking out dahlia tubers from the Endless Summer catalogue. (Endless Summer is right in Maine, but Swan Island in the other Portland is a great source too.) I want to be friends with whoever it is who names these flowers. Some of my favorites are: Blah blah blah, I’m a Hottie, Touche', Prince Charming, and Little Blessing. Coincidentally, the catalogue is also a great resource for picking out sarcastic nicknames for people who annoy you.

Our friends Shelley (pictured) and Gayle arranged all of the flowers for our wedding. BEST. FRIENDS. EVER. Photo by Kari Herer
The DIY flower plan was a huge success. We had dahlias of all sizes and colors for our late September wedding. I know I wasn't a true bridezilla because if I was, I would have torn the dahlias to shreds for stealing the spotlight from me with their fabulousness. It all worked out...they helped call a little attention to our wedding which was really awesome. Here are some photos of them in a bridesmaid’s bouquet and in my bouquet: 

Notice the little dahlia flower pin on her dress (dahlia overkill?) made by Emerson Made pre- Emerson Fry. Photo by Kari Herer.

Photo by Kari Herer.

I try really hard not to be that woman who constantly talks about her wedding, especially since it was three years ago now. But here I am, one week into this blog already blabbing on about it. (I'm sure there's a name for me somewhere in the dahlia catalogue.) But the real point in me telling you this whole background was to explain how dahlias came into my life (as I know you were dying to know!!) 

As soon as we got our own little plot of land for the first time this past year, I planted some tubers of hakuyou dahlias. Tubers are different from bulbs. They look like fingerling potatoes strung together and can be pulled apart and each piece will develop into a mature plant. As long as you have lots of sunlight, they're super easy to grow. Our dahlias have been blooming since September and are HUGE. They're 5ft tall and the blooms are as wide as 9 inches. They're super photogenic and I think people are unfollowing me on social media because of all the photos I share of them. But I can't help it, here are some photos I've snapped of them around our house this fall. Please don't de-friend me...