Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet John

This is my husband, John. He really makes me look good, and not just in photos. He was raised by one of the most talented interior designers I’ve ever met, in the most beautiful homes and places I’ve ever seen. Growing up surrounded by decorators, and now married to one, he's developed quite an eye for design. You can always depend on John to pick out the one beautiful thing in a room filled with crap. My marriage dowry from him included old prints, knives, wooden boxes, lots of taxidermy, a ship’s compass and a Zulu shield. To be honest, I probably would have walked down the aisle for the Zulu shield alone. So it’s an added bonus that in addition to having really cool stuff, he’s also an amazing guy whose incredible qualities I could go on and on about, but unfortunately the blogger text box isn't long enough. (John, I hope you're reading!) 

The plan is that you’ll soon hear from him on this blog. Over a glass (or two) of wine last night we came up with the idea that he'll occasionally guest post about the details and history of some of his favorite things. He’s a wealth of information about the sort of objects you see in gorgeous photo shoots of the English countryside. For example, I learned from him that the large vertical back pockets in the jacket I'm wearing in the photo above are actually called “poacher’s pockets.” They're meant for storing ducks or other feathered creatures while you continue to hunt for more. I'll stick to using them for my gloves and mittens for now, but definitely good to know.

Thanks, John! We look forward to seeing you here soon.