Thursday, October 24, 2013

Layers of Lovely

I think there is something so beautiful when buildings succumb to nature. In fact, there are dozens of blogs dedicated to the beauty of abandoned structures. I remembered these photos I took when John and I visited the Casco Viejo in Panama earlier this year. I won't say too much about Casco Viejo because I want to write another post about it someday, but let's just say that if I ever suddenly go missing you'll know where to find like Ms. Havisham in some gorgeous ruins in Panama.

I was reading the designer Rose Tarlow's book The Private House last night and couldn't pull myself away from the photos of her California living room. She's encouraged vines to grow up the walls and all over the ceiling. They've been growing inside for the past twenty years. Combined with reclaimed beams from an eleventh-century church in Kent, chairs covered in the perfect linens, pottery, sculpture, and iron candlesticks, the effect is ephemral. All of these objects and materials have weathered the passage of time and really incite the imagination as to their past lives. The layered effect of them takes my breath away in the very same way that the crumbling facades in Casco Viejo did. You'll hear more about Rose Tarlow here soon. She's redecorating Oprah's Santa Barbara home and I'm watching like a hawk for updates. It's going to be incredible. 

From The Private House. Photo by Oberto Gili

From The Private House. Photo by Michel Arnaud