Friday, October 18, 2013

Giving Thanks

John and I both really liked the look of this credenza even before we knew about its little secret. No, it isn't just any ordinary sideboard. The two inner legs pull out and it transforms into an 8 ft. long table. I did a little research and I think it's an "expand-o-matic" table made in the 1950s by a company called Saginaw in Michigan. It makes so much sense for small space living... I'm kind of surprised that this design hasn't made a resurgence yet. 

The yellow looks kind of fun in this photo, but trust me, it was bad in person. The top had serious sun damage and the brass-plated pulls had seen better days. (Please I hope no one describes me this way in 50 years!) Luckily, there was still hope for our dear credenza. I taped off the plates and pulls, removed the drawers, and primed and then painted everything in high-gloss Tricorn Black by Sherman Williams. After it all dried, I went back with a paint brush and touched up the pulls and leg caps with Antique Brass Rub n Buff

We've had the credenza for over a year now and it's a great little addition to our home. It's helpful for storing platters and other serving dishes that are too big to fit in cabinets. We've only used the full table once for a dinner party and I didn't get to snap any good photos of it. We're planning to use it again next month for a pre-Thanksgiving feast with friends and I'll take some photos of it in its full and extended glory then. We'll all sit down to a beautiful feast, and before we eat, we'll go around and each say what we're grateful for. I'll thank Saginaw for creating the expand-o-matic credenza, for without it all 14 of us couldn't be together at one long table. Then I'll politely ask everyone to refrain from touching the food for at least an hour so I can do a photo shoot for my blog.

Have a fabulous weekend!