Friday, October 11, 2013

Breaking the Ice

Photo by Caty Smith

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m writing right now frighteningly aware that in just a few month’s time I’ll probably look back at this first post and cringe. (Really, you pressed "publish" on that? Shh, future Christine, I’m trying to blog here.)  But I know I have to start somewhere, so here’s my schpeal:

I am a complete homebody.
I am and always have been borderline obsessive about the look and feel of the spaces I live in.
I am an interior design junkie.

I only recently came to terms with implications of these facts, guided towards epiphany during a visit from four of my best friends from California, who belong to the west coast cult of “do what makes you happy.” These are people who live on sailboats, open small-batch coffee shops, and move to interesting places on a whim. No 9-5 office jobs here. Just one weekend spent with them made me a convert, and the following Monday morning I turned in my resignation and embarked on a long fantasized-about career in interior design.

Four months later, I haven’t looked back. Divine intervention of some sort landed me a part-time job in the office of an established and incredibly talented designer, which is like having a one-on-one graduate school education taught by a professor who is also your new best friend/mentor/confidante. I’ve also taken on a few wonderful, trailblazing individuals as clients of my own and have enjoyed the process immensely.

I plan to use this blog to document the things that inspire me everyday. There will be “before and afters,” design tips, and little research projects about furniture and objects I’ve always been curious about.

Please make yourself at home. Look around, spread the word, and come back often!