Monday, October 21, 2013

Advice from the Future

Did you have a nice weekend? The weather here in DC was great and on Saturday John and I finally visited the District Flea. If we squinted we could have been in Williamsburg. Everyone was Instagraming everything…I was with my people.  
I picked up this great little sketch by an artist named RK Katz. I don’t know much about her except that she traveled extensively and brought her sketchbook along to lots of great concerts, including this performance of the Budapest String Quartet in 1958. I studied abroad in Budapest the fall of 2006 and am deeply nostalgic, so I bought it. 

The little quartet now sits diagonally a painting my grandmother did when she was studying in Switzerland in the early 50’s. Suddenly this corner is so European! I’ve been searching for a small piece of art to hang on that wall for a while and I’m happy with how this looks. It came pre-matted so all I had to do was purchase an inexpensive black frame from Target and pop it in.

With Wes Anderson's latest film The Grand Hotel Budapest coming out next year, I have a feeling that Budapest will soon be all the rage. If I could go back in time and have a chat with my 21 year-old-self, wandering around Hungary with her Lonely Planet guidebook and snapping cliché photos, here's what I would say: First of all, ditch the expensive salads. You’re not fat, and a little goulash won’t kill you. It’s cheap as sin and all the money you’ll save by eating like the locals (as you should be!) can go towards buying embroidered textiles and a piece or two of Herend china. No, it's not just more stuff you don't need. It's gorgeous and you know it. Seven years from now I promise you will be so happy to have it when you realize the embarrassing habit you’ve always had of fanatically arranging your furniture and possessions into little vignettes might actually help your career.

Alas, youth is wasted on the young, and I’ll be sitting here next year wistfully dreaming of what could have been while everyone else blogs about their fabulous Wes Anderson/Budapest-inspired tablescapes. But at least I’ll still have my little string quartet drawing, and in it, the world’s smallest violin, playing just for me.